Supported Parameters

Docswrite supports the following parameters for creating or updating a blog post or page on WordPress.

Google Docs Template

Use this Google Docs Template (opens in a new tab) to create your blog post. The template includes all the supported features of Docswrite. You will notice we have a special docswrite_settings table at the top of the document. This table is used to configure the export settings for your blog post.

Parameters for WordPress Blog Post/Page Creation or Update

All the parameters are supported in the following ways:

General Parameters

google_docs_urlYesURL of the Google Doc containing the blog post content. Must be shared with "anyone with link."
titleNoTitle of the blog post. Defaults to Google Docs title if not provided.
slugNoCustom slug for the blog post. Auto-generated if not provided.
tagsNoComma-separated list of tags. New tags will be created if they don't exist.
categoriesNoComma-separated list of categories. New categories will be created if they don't exist.
stateNoState of the blog post (publish or draft). Defaults to draft.
authorNoUsername or full name of the author. Defaults to API token creator.
dateNoSchedule post for a future date in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.
excerptNoExcerpt for SEO meta description.
post_typeNoType of the blog post (post or page). Defaults to post.
featured_image_urlNoURL of the featured image.
featured_image_alt_textNoAlt text for the featured image.
featured_image_captionNoCaption for the featured image.

Export Settings (export_settings)

compress_imagestrueCompress images before upload.
demote_headingsfalseDemote headings by one level.
convert_to_webptrueConvert images to WebP format.
first_image_as_featured_imagetrueSet the first image as the featured image.
add_no_follow_to_external_linkstrueAdd nofollow attribute to external links.
bold_as_strongfalseConvert bold text to strong tag.

Plugin-Specific Settings

Newspack Settings (newspack_settings)

newspack_article_summaryArticle summary for Newspack.
newspack_article_summary_titleArticle summary title for Newspack.
newspack_post_subtitlePost subtitle for Newspack.

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Yoast Settings (yoast_settings)

yoast_focuskwYoast focus keyword.
yoast_metadescYoast meta description.
yoast_titleYoast title.
yoast_canonicalYoast canonical URL.

RankMath Settings (rankmath_settings)

rank_math_focus_keywordRankMath focus keyword.