Connect WordPress

Connect your WordPress Site

It's very simple to connect your WordPress site with Docswrite. Basically you need to paste the WordPress site URL and click Connect.

Step 1: Copy your WordPress Site URL

First copy your Site Address (URL). You can find it in your WordPress Dashboard → Settings → General → First copy your Site Address (URL)

WordPress Address (URL) Copy

Step 2: Click on "Connect WordPress Site"

Now click on "Connect WordPress Site" button. It will open a modal.

Connect WordPress Site

Step 3: Paste your WordPress Site URL

Now paste your WordPress Site URL and click on "Connect" button.

Paste WordPress Site URL

Step 4: Authorize Docswrite on your WordPress Site

Now you will be redirected to your WordPress site. Click on "Approve" button to authorize Docswrite on your WordPress site.

Authorize Docswrite on your WordPress Site

Once you have connected your WordPress site, you can start writing pushing your content to your WordPress site.

Learn how to publish your content to WordPress site from Docswrite.